I'm a lifelong Pennsylvanian from a long line of lifelong Pennsylvanians. I come frompeople who were content to stay where they were. And while physically, that's true of me, my mind has always been prone to wandering. The great thing about the mind, though, is that it isn't restricted by time or even reality. And through books and writing, I've been to all sorts of wonderful places.

So yeah, I've embraced it. Born here, raised here, still here. I grew up in a large family with three sisters and a brother. (We fought A LOT.) I was a creative liar as a child, mainly because I was afraid people would think I was boring! So I made things up. I have now mostly channeled this urge into my books. Mostly. And I have pretty much learned to resist the urge to fight. Unless it involves cake.

Over the years, aside from being a writer, I've had an odd assortment of jobs. I wrote up liquor license violations, worked in a print shop, was a sculptor and a professional photographer.

Besides writing, my favorite things to do are hike in the woods (well, I live in a state with the word "woods" right in its name, so there's that), watch old movies, and read. I go through periodic obsessions. Currently, I'm obsessed with old growth forest, Ginger Rogers, fossil hunting, and Yuzuru Hanyu!

I'm married and the mother of two very tall sons. Still getting used to being the short one in the family. I think I might need a dog, just to have someone shorter than me around.

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