Professional Critiquing and Editing Services

Often, what stands between you and your writing goals is an extra set of eyes, an outside perspective, a professional reader. I offer programs personally tailored to your needs and your goals. These can range from partial to full critiques to in-depth editing and revision support. Contact me at to discuss plans and fees.

What if I don't even have a finished manuscript?

I can help you there, too. From brainstorming ideas to how to get started, creating memorable characters, slogging through the murky middles, building plots and tension, I can provide help in assembling the building blocks or offer support along the way. Again, contact me at to discuss your specific needs.


"Before Melissa Wyatt:  I had a lump of a manuscript for my second book, that had been sitting there for months, untouched. The sentences were okay, but the book wasn’t exciting or even terribly interesting, and I knew it. What I didn’t know was exactly what to do about it. Until I realized that the thing to do about it was to ask Melissa.

"After Melissa: Almost immediately, she spotted an issue with my voice in the book, and it wasn’t long after that before she’d helped me clarify some structural problems. I got back to work with Melissa’s help, and in short order, I had a new working title, a revamped and sensible structure, a couple of consistent themes that served as through-lines for the book, and a new and improved attitude about revising it.

"Where I had been stuck, I am rolling, and I am excited. And soon I will have a book that I’m proud of. Melissa made that difference for me. She is extremely smart, observant, and sympathetic, and she has a way of getting right to the crux of a writing issue. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

--Jim McCoy, Author of The Last Place You Look: A Contrarian’s Guide to Dating and Finding Love