Professional Critiquing and Editing Services

Often, what stands between you and your writing goals is an extra set of eyes, an outside perspective, a professional reader. I offer programs personally tailored to your needs and your goals. These can range from partial to full critiques to in-depth editing and revision support.

Manuscript Services

First 50 Pages
In-depth markup of the first fifty pages of your novel addressing the critical opening pages, how you establish the characters, conflict, setting, arcs, voice, etc. Submit fifty pages and a detailed synopsis.
First 50 Pages Plus Editorial Letter on Full Manuscript
This package includes a full read of your ms with a two-to-three page editorial letter addressing large concepts such as characterization, plot, pacing, story arcs, theme, setting, scene, etc., as well as an in-depth markup of the first fifty pages and a one hour phone call for further discussion. Fee based on length of novel.
$3.25 per page (Example: $650 for 200 page/50,000 word novel)

Line Editing
Line editing is not copy editing and will not include correcting usage errors or typos. Line editing is a sentence-level focus on your writing, involving flow, style, voice, meaning, how to convey meaning more powerfully and directly through the use of language, dialogue, line cuts, white space, beats, etc.
$0.013 per word (Example: 50,000 words = $650)

Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) and will be marked up using Track Changes and Comments.

Full payment is required in advance.

If you're looking for something more specific to your needs, contact me at to discuss custom plans and fees.

What if I don't even have a finished manuscript?

I can help you there, too. From brainstorming ideas to how to get started, creating memorable characters, slogging through the murky middles, building plots and tension, I can provide help in assembling the building blocks or offer support along the way. Again, contact me at to discuss your specific needs.


"Before Melissa Wyatt:  I had a lump of a manuscript for my second book, that had been sitting there for months, untouched. The sentences were okay, but the book wasn’t exciting or even terribly interesting, and I knew it. What I didn’t know was exactly what to do about it. Until I realized that the thing to do about it was to ask Melissa.

"After Melissa: Almost immediately, she spotted an issue with my voice in the book, and it wasn’t long after that before she’d helped me clarify some structural problems. I got back to work with Melissa’s help, and in short order, I had a new working title, a revamped and sensible structure, a couple of consistent themes that served as through-lines for the book, and a new and improved attitude about revising it.

"Where I had been stuck, I am rolling, and I am excited. And soon I will have a book that I’m proud of. Melissa made that difference for me. She is extremely smart, observant, and sympathetic, and she has a way of getting right to the crux of a writing issue. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

--Jim McCoy, Author of The Last Place You Look: A Contrarian’s Guide to Dating and Finding Love