Revision Diary: I’m Not Really Here

And I may be wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. I am on a self-imposed deadline, aided by my friend Rob. We’ve upped the ante by moving to a twice-weekly goal instead of once a week, and I missed my goal last night due to family emergency (Ursula Nordstrom lamented authors having families but it’s a bit late now,) so there’s no time for nonsense like putting on fresh clothes.

In fact, I shouldn’t even be posting an update, but I’m about a third of the way through this revision and hopes that it would get easier are a faint gleam in the distance! Complete change of theme seems to be creating massive rethinks all the way down. Who’d’a thought? Well, I’m thinking now. Or I’m trying to.

I am stuck now on a critical scene that brings my MC, the antagonist (who wasn’t the antagonist in the previous draft,) and her mother together to reveal a critical bit of information that the whole book hinges on. Except I can’t reveal it in this scene because this is first person and my MC doesn’t know what’s going on. But the antagonist and her mother do. But they’re keeping it a secret from her. And I don’t really want the reader to know now. But when it’s all explained at the end of the book, I want the reader to be able to go back to this scene and go “So that’s what that was about.” But at the same time, I don’t want them to read this scene and go “What the hell is going on?” Easy, right?

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