Revision Diary: Working at the Workshop

I am back from helping out at the Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop in Milanville, PA. In case you haven’t heard of this magical place, please click through the link and have a look at all of the marvelous things they offer to working children’s writers in an incredibly beautiful and supportive setting.

(That was the view out my window one soft, misty morning!)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the faculty of the Whole Novel Workshop, headed by the incredible Sarah Aronson. If you have a completed MG or YA novel you need to revise, consider applying for a spot at this intense but supportive week-long workshop.

Every year, the atmosphere generated at this workshop is a boon to faculty as well as students. I’ve had major revelations and productive streaks. This year was a little more modest for me in terms of productivity because of where I am in this revision (still in that painstaking stuff!) But the good news is that everything still feels right. So far!

But something has been niggling at me after this week, related to a thought I’ve had all year regarding an aspect of diversity that isn’t often addressed, and that is economic diversity. Not in the work itself–that, I think, is talked about from time to time. But in the question of the people writing the stories. We don’t talk about economic barriers to publishing, and there are many. Simply having the time to write is a luxury for so many writers. Other things, such as workshops like this one, travel for research or experience, extended education, paid editing or critiques, etc., are out of reach for many writers.

So I’ve been mulling over the one little thing that I–an economically challenged writer in my own right–can offer and will make an announcement about it soon.

*Highlights Foundation does offer scholarships. Click here for info.


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